Manuscript, Archive, and Special Collections

Archives, A Love Note

What have you been finding in your collections lately? What is inspiring you? Cleaning out some map cases we came across rolls of posters that hand once been in buildings across campus. Treated by the wizards in Conservation, those rolls revealed these: I was struck by their design. The sentiments of a war captured in three colors.   A new collection related to the telegraph brought in these: I like to imagine the.. Read More

In the Air

There must be something in the air because twice this week art and library related links appeared in my Facebook feed. First there was this one. It’s as if someone had tuned in to exactly the kind of project I have been imagining over the past few years. I even gave a paper at the last ARLIS conference about just such a thing. I especially appreciate that this project is not just about.. Read More


While artists have long been inspired by archive, manuscript and special collections there seems to be an increasing recognition of this fact by the library and archive communities.  Some archives such as the London School of Economics have even hosted artists in residence and supported shows by artists using archival materials.  With new books such The Artist’s Library and Bibliocraft showcasing library materials as sources of inspiration for artists, it seemed timely to.. Read More